At Beals Point

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Half way through!

Fall in the river

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8 miles in. Lovely morning on the American River Bike Trail.

Today’s ride, 11/25/11

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I’ll be riding from my house to Beals Point and back. The ride is roughly this: Google Bike Map to Beals Point. The weather should be nice enough: clear skys, lots of sun, 47° F (8.33 c), and no wind. If I see any turkeys on the trail, I’ll be sure to stop for a photo!

See you on the trail!

Testing Email Posts

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Looking forward to adding posts by email. Here's a sample pic:

Post-Thanksgiving Training Rides

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So, I’m planning on riding about 180 miles this weekend, if I can manage it. On Friday, I’ll ride 50 miles from my house to Beals Point and back. On Saturday, I’ll ride 30 miles with the ALC riding group (if the ride happens, if not, I’ll run my own route). On Sunday, I’ll ride 100 miles from my house, to Folsom Bike, and up into the hills north of Folsom…and back again.

I’m feeling a bit fat from post-Thanksgiving remorse. Didn’t eat too much, but I also got no exercise today at all! Plus, I need to keep my waist small — I just bought two new suits for work. With 32 inch waists, there is no room to spare for extra pie!

I hope these rides will jump start my winter training. I’m always looking for training partners. Please write to me in the comments!!

Off to bed now. I want to get up at 7:00 am tomorrow — finish my ride early and get in lunch, a workout, and maybe some afternoon shopping!

Preparing for the AIDS LifeCycle

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I need your support!!

Riding in the AIDS LifeCycle is something I’ve wanted to do for many years — since I first moved to San Francisco in 1991 — over 20 years ago. 2012 is the year I’ll be riding. Seven days, 600 miles. Its going to take quite a bit of time, training, and dedication. I think I’m ready for it; I’ve been riding nearly every weekend for six months, and riding a minimum of 70 miles a week and and average of 100 miles a week since then.

I’ve committed to raising $5,000 by June 2012, and I’m asking for your support. To donate, click the “Donate” link, or go to my ALC page. Fundraising is scary part. But I know that you guys are as committed to ending AIDS as I am. Your donation here will help in that effort; and I’ll post about where your money is going to go.

This blog is about my efforts, and the efforts of the other riders in training, preparing for, and finally riding. I’m hoping to post lots of pics and resources for riders and benefactors alike. So, keep up to date on your investment by reading my posts here.

If you’re riding, let me know, and I’ll add you to my blogroll.

And please comment! I need all the support I can get!