The 2018 AIDS/LifeCycle is Here! I need your support!


2011 Training Ride. Can’t believe its been over six years!

Your money buys my pedaling! I’m riding 545 miles over 7 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles to be the public face to the fight against HIV and AIDS. These efforts – and especially with your donations — will raise the money needed to save lives.

With your help, the AIDS/LifeCycle raised over $16,100,000 to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. You need to know that about $0.80 for every dollar you donate goes to these charities — not supporting the ride and not to administration — but to supporting the men and women of California most in need of services.

I have to admit, the services we’re seeking to provide should be provided by our government. But because of historically deficient taxes on the wealthy and a lack of political will, the people have come together to create this unique and epic ride to save lives. With our political lives in the balance, your support is needed now more than ever.

The SFAF and the Center reach tens to hundreds of thousands of individuals affected by this disease. Your donation will save the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS, will stop the spread of the disease through state-wide outreach, and will end the stigma associated with HIV by lobbying and advocacy.

Even though your past donations have helped make HIV a manageable disease, it has never been more important to support these organizations. HIV is manageable only if a constant supply of expensive medicine is available. And HIV will only be defeated if positive individuals have access to medical care and medicine. That is where you come in. For instance, the SFAF reports that:

  • $50,000 can help provide a counselor at The Stonewall Project who can see 40 clients a year for harm reduction counseling, which integrates substance use, mental health, and HIV prevention and education.
  • $25,000 can help provide a half-time peer advocate who can see 50 clients for a year, helping them get to their doctor appointments and assisting them with daily living activities.
  • $15,000 can help 120 Magnet clients receive sexual health services, including HIV and STD tests, treatment, education and counseling.

So please, click here to donate to my ride.

Your Bear


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