Motivation: Goals

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It’s cold. It’s wet. You don’t want to get out of bed. Your bicycle looms large in your mind as a device of torture. And you have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you should be riding. The question is how do you get yourself out of bed? This series of posts will help answer that question.

Robert Foëstemann

You won’t do the work if you don’t know what work you have to do. So the first step toward motivating yourself is making a goal.

So, what are you looking to do? Ride in an epic ride like the AIDS/LifeCycle? That is a laudable goal and one that is achievable for every reader. I’ve ridden in the ALC four times, and have ridden with men and women; all races, ethnicities, and religions; gay, straight, and bi; trans and cis; late-teens to 80+; and muscle-bound gods and big bears. If they all did it, you can to.

The next question is how did they do it? They did it by keeping their goal in mind throughout the process. The “process” being finding a way to take their probably-not-ready for 545 miles bodies and slowly turning them into aerobic athletes.

So, today’s post is short. Get out your favorite calendar — be it fuzzy “hang in there” kittens, Bears with Bare Chests, or on a tablet — and mark the following on it:

Source: AIDS/LifeCycle

There are 27 weekends from now until June 4, 2017. You have plenty of time, but only if you’re prepared. The next step is planning out your training schedule. (Hint: start right now by marking off all weekends you cannot ride.)

Next week: Making a plan.

Your Bear


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