Channel your Anger, Frustration and Fear

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I wanted to write a post about using cycling to quell your sense of loss and frustration in this troubling time. But that post is not in me. But like I’m going to, just do it. Get on your bike and train. You know you should. You know it will help. Trust that and go for it.


I also wanted to write a post about hope. That post is not in me, either. The Orange One has promised to eviscerate our rights, and there is no evidence that was just campaign rhetoric. He appears to be filling his cabinet with the hate-mongers who were disgraced 20 or 30 years ago.

One thing I do know, is there is no way we’re going back into the closet. Too many have fought this battle before us for us to concede or to backpedal. We can and must find a way to continue our forward movement.

I don’t know what that way is, but I can tell you it will involve all our participation in progressive civic groups such as the AIDS/LifeCycle. Places where we can set our differences aside and focus on our goal: social justice, quelling the tyranny of the majority, and making people’s lives better.

I do know one thing. We must fight. The battle is going to come to a head — I pray that is a battle of wits and words, not of might. Will the ignorant and bigoted win out? Only our actions will tell.

I also know that our fight will only work if we stand up for EVERYONE being oppressed. Transgender. Black. Arab. Jew. Asian. Latino. Gay. Lesbian. Bisexual. Disabled. Women. Undocumented. The Educated. Those exercising freedom of speech.

If you see an injustice report it. Take names. Jot down addresses. Photograph or video the incident. Tell the police. Tell the media. Tell Facebook and Twitter. HELP your fellow men and women. Intercede to the extent you are able.

If you see an attack, call 911 immediately. Keep emergency numbers on your phone. Yes, it appears it may have come to this.

One thing I think may be missing from the current reports on social media is that most people who voted for the Orange One were misinformed. I don’t think they understand the implications. Be compassionate. It hurts. Its against your better judgment. But, just like coming out, it is a painful but necessary step toward a pluralistic but peaceful society.

United we stand.



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