AIDS/LifeCycle 2014 and Looking Ahead

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I dropped the ball posting here on days 5, 6, and 7. I was feeling somewhat withdrawn and so only posted my photos to Facebook and went to bed each night.IMG_6296 But the words of the day were community, dedication, and excellence. The individuals who showed up for our training rides surpassed my expectations by far. My teammates so moved and inspired me each day. No one gave up, everyone gave the ride their best effort. Everyone rode every mile they could. I hope I can transfer that momentum into my own life.

The Bear ALC page will go on, too. Expect posts about cycling inspired by this ride. Two issues which seemed to surface this year were passing and how to approach riders not following the rules. There will be lots of posts about these.

Many riders told me that they valued my blog for information related to their first ALC. I am honored and hope to continue to help them and new riders prepare for ALC 2015. I’m rider number #1191 in 2015. What’s your rider number?

Your Bear


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