Honor Roll

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Every year I honor my donors here in my blog. You are heroes who will be saving lives affected by HIV and AIDS and ending the stigma which flows from 10284741_10202926459335821_4909397423663723886_ohomophobia, transphobia, and hatred. Every cyclist on the road — all 2500 — owe you a deep debt of gratitude. And I know that every single cyclist will be crying as they pull away from the Cow Palace to begin our journey to Los Angeles. I know I’m crying as I type this!

The feeling is indescribable: a combination of incredible achievement, sadness at those have passed, and pride at being your spokesperson out on the road. And I get that feeling every time I wear an AIDS/LifeCycle jersey on a ride. You made this happen. You are saving lives. You are a hero.

Together, thus far we’ve raised $7,747.69!

John E Torres
Lynn Green
Jose Alfonso Hernandez
Chris Smith
Brian Moran
Art S Robinson
Allen Orr
Benjamin Humphreys
Christopher B Lee
Richard Clark
Heriberto Grande
Kenneth Chavez
Catherine Boucher
Sharon Chiler
Ken Reagan
Shelley McHugh
Alex Fazekas-Paul
Lisa Ryan
Robert P. Epstein
Albert Lee
Barbara Ann Baker
Cheryl Sikich
Nicole Cotty
Richard Flores
Paul Henry Klein
Matt Johnson
Meggi Wilson
Daniel Francis Burns
Craig Roecker
Robert Boucher
Stewart Benedict
Matt Divisconte
Lynn Green
Matthew Gardner
Than K Quach
Aaron P. Stillwell
David L. Norene
Michael Moses Gale
Mary E. Rochells
Charleen M. White
Michael L Perry
Jason Murphey
Philip N Schaaf
Michael J Hildebrand
Michael Duane Rutledge
Nikke Bandini
Kimberly N Truong
Paul J. Jermann
James Lengel
Hector A. Fernandez
Richard C. Reeve
Kevyn Sir Gibson
Rob Rubright
Jeffrey Lenox
James Hirschinger
Lynn Green
Peter H. Goss

You are my heroes and my ride is dedicated to each of you.

Your Bear


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