Cycling for Fitness

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I’ve been avidly cycling about 3 years now. I’ve ridden at least 18,083 miles since 2010 (11,102 on the odometer, and the rest estimated from non-odometer rides) — that’s an average of about 115 miles per week. And that’s nothing. Some of my friends report having ridden over 5,000 miles just in the first half of 2013 (Joseph Collins, you’re my hero)!

I have only one explanation: cycling makes life worth living. It gives me energy; it makes me feel sexy fit and happy; it is good for the environment; and I get to do it with some amazing people. Because of cycling, I have friends all over California who I would otherwise never have met!

Matthew Inman has a 6-part series about why he runs which sums up his reasons in typical pithy Oatmeal fashion: he runs to eat. Though its a bit cynical, I have to say I agree with Matthew. I don’t cycle because it will make me look sexy, but because it makes me feel sexy, which is just as important!

All this is to say, JOIN ME on the AIDS/LifeCycle 2014. If you do, I promise to help you get fit enough to complete all 545 miles!

Here’s a snippet of the 6-part Oatmeal cartoon. Click the links or the image to read the whole thing (then buy something from his store).

Your Bear


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