Honoring Donors

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Thank you to each of my AIDS/LifeCycle 12, 2013 donors. With your support, I’ve raised $5,781.00 $5,931.00 $6,157.00 $6,484.00! An astounding figure and about 23% more than last year!

This picture embodies the ride for me. Friends working together,
Surrounded by support and love. Out in the dangerous world, thriving.

Here’s my 2013 donor list. Many thanks to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, from everyone participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle, and from the individuals who are living because of your donations and the organizations which exist because of your donations.

  • Lynn Green
  • Scott Jordan
  • Adam Howard
  • Mark Wilhelm
  • Robert Bequette
  • Justin Cullum
  • Barbara Baker
  • Jason Rosa
  • Mary Pat Hough
  • Richard Spinello
  • Davey Baker
  • Nicole Cotty
  • Claire Hulse
  • Paul Jermann
  • Philip Schaaf
  • Stephen Caan
  • Kenneth Chavez
  • Matthew Gardner
  • Steven Hinckley
  • Albert Lee
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jeffrey Lenox
  • Russell Marsh
  • David Norene
  • Jon Walker
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Benjamin Humphreys
  • Jason Lester
  • Vince Hutton
  • Matthew Bokach
  • Catherine and Ronald Boucher
  • Alex Fazekas-Paul
  • James Hirschinger
  • James Lengel
  • Hamilton Maldonado
  • Kevin Powell
  • Margo Rodriguez
  • Eric W.
  • Meg Wilson
  • Tracy Wilson
  • Brian Geary
  • Rick Horton
  • Jeffrey Bedell
  • Holly Boucher
  • Trena Gale
  • Wil Hall
  • Mark Pressler
  • Lisa Ryan
  • Clinton Vigen
  • Farid De La Ossa Arrieta
  • Linda Johnston
  • Richard Reeve
  • Tom Brink

Many thanks also to those supporters who couldn’t donate this year, but sent messages of support. Your words were inspirational and helped more than you know. As I type this, I’m feeling the love for friends old and new who gave so generously. (Just a reminder, the AIDS/LifeCycle 13, 2014 is just 12 short months away. And I’d like to increase my total even more!)

Your Bear


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