Hail to the Chief

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Rounding out this training season’s blog posts with a shout out to all this year’s awesome Training Ride Leaders in words and photos from this year!

Being an AIDS/LifeCycle TRL has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.
Thanks, Jon and Matthew. This training season has been a joy because of you both. (Click images for a slide show.)

Training ride leaders are volunteers who give up their time for the ride, training, planning and practicing routes, preparing route sheets, answering questions, and leading you on the official training rides. It’s no small commitment — Davey calls it my second full time job. So, thank you to all the TRLs without whose efforts this ride wouldn’t be the success it is going to be!

Thanks to my friends in the South Bay: David, Ken, Bob, and Terri!

After you completed your first ALC and complete a training course, you can become a TRL. If you feel comfortable on and with your bike, with riding long distances, and can give up at least two weekend days per month, ask a TRL or contact your cycling rep for more information.

I’d like to make a personal thank you to the TRLs who have guided me on my journey during AIDS/LifeCycle 11 and 12:

  • Buz Miller 
  • Connie Sanchez 
  • Scott Jordan 
  • Jon Walker 
  • Matthew Bokach 
  • David Gaus 
  • Terri Meier 
  • Bob McDarmid 
  • Charles Fong 
  • Julie Brown 
Your advice and support has gotten me through so much. Thank you.
Thanks to Charles Fong for driving all the way to Sacramento to
rescue us from canceling a training ride!

Even though he wasn’t a TRL, I’d like to give special thanks to Stephen Hatcher for all the support he gave to Team Sacramento last year.

Looking forward to training for the AIDS/LifeCycle 13 next year!

your Bear

Charles Fong, the Great!

Matthew and Jon enjoying a well-deserved libation and sporting ALC garb!

Jon and me.

Thanks for joining us all those months ago, Terri! It seems like another lifetime!

New friends on the ALC in Fairfax.


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