May is Bike Month

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I just wanted to give a plug to a local organization doing good by promoting cycling in the Sacramento region: May is Bike Month. (Like the page on Facebook.) The promoters say:

May is Bike Month is a campaign that takes place in the six-county Sacramento Region each year.  The focus of our campaign is to promote bicycle use as a mode of transportation whether for running errands, commuting, riding recreationally, or working.  We encourage people to get out of their cars and on their bikes year-round, but we make it a big deal every May so that as more people become energized and comfortable on their bicycles they will be more likely to replace a car trip with a bicycle trip year round.  Fewer cars on the road improves air quality and reduce traffic congestion; and as more bike trips replace car trips, we expect to see a greater demand for investment in bicycling infrastructure and facilities.  

Cyclists register for the month-long event, log miles ridden each day, and join teams (workplace related or otherwise) to compete for honors. Cyclists are awarded with regular badges (riding one day, riding in the rain, riding in the wind, riding more than 100 miles, riding all week, and the like) and with actual prizes:
Weekly Prizes:
  • 25 cyclists will win May is Bike Month socks.
  • Twenty-five $20 gift certificates to a bike shop. (The Transportation Management Organization in your area will contact you about bike shop selection).
Grand Prizes:
Cyclists that log miles (commute, errand, recreation) all 5 weeks are entered to win.
  • 2 cyclists will be randomly selected to win a 3 day bike vacation on Sept 6-8 2013, on the Emigrant Trails Bike Trek in Emigrant Trails Bike Trek in South Lake Tahoe, valued at $450, sponsored by Breathe California of Sacramento. For more info, see
  • 2 cyclists will be randomly selected to win $100 gift certificates to area bike shops
  • 100 cyclists will be randomly selected to win May is Bike Month socks.
Two years ago, I won a pair of socks!
So, if you ride in the area, its not too late to register, help the environment, and win! If you live elsewhere, this is a program to emulate.
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