Day 6

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OK, I’ve lived in both Northern and Southern California — Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Cathedral City — but reviewing the route has really made me realize how vast California is, and how little I know about it! Day 6 goes from Lompoc to Ventura, and I have never really visited any of the places on the route:

I have been to Santa Barbara, and it is a stunning city, but only on a drive-through while on a road trip. Good to know for future visits: Santa Barbara has an extensive set of bike trails; you can order a bike map on line for free, or download it in two parts — northern and southern Santa Barbara County.

Day 6 seems to be mostly on the coast! Coastal views are every rider’s dream, but possibly also every rider’s bane, if coastal breezes cause headwinds! This is what the ALC has to say about Day 6:

Lompoc to Ventura
Day 6 begins on one of the prettiest roads on the entire route. You will pedal through vast expansive ranchlands with wildflower-covered hills on both sides! As you ride toward the coast through the gorgeous Gaviota Pass, you will be on US101. This is a well-travelled freeway and caution should be practiced at all times along this portion of the route. After lunch, you will pass through the heart of Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpinteria, and on into Ventura, where we camp at San Buenaventura State Beach. Highlight of the day: Day 6 is your best bet for dolphin sightings!! Cast an eye to the sea and perhaps you will glimpse those playful creatures jumping in and out of the water as they frolic just off the coast. 

River Park
Sweeney Rd. & Hwy 246, Lompoc, 93436

San Buenaventura State Beach
901 San Pedro St., Ventura, 93001


83.3 Miles


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