ALC Packing List

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Here’s a list of the things I’m bringing, need to get, and am considering bringing.

Ready to Go:
  1. My bike and Little Trunk — Two Tubes, Pump, Tiny tools, Tire Irons.
  2. Tool Kit — lube, wrench, extra cleats.
  3. Sleeping Bag — 30 deg. rated, inexpensive but lightweight and compressable bag.
  4. Sleeping Mat — expensive “Thermarest” 3 lbs.
  5. Six Ziplocks With Each Day’s Kit — bibs, jersey, and socks. (Will have to double up one day.)
  6. Three Pair of Gloves — zip locked; seems like enough.
  7. Sleeves and Leggings — zip locked.
  8. Helmet.
  9. Cleat covers.
  10. Riding Sunglasses.
  11. Garmin, Heartrate Monitor, and Charger.
  12. Recharging Unit for Garmin (and iPhone) — Not solar, ’cause I don’t want it on my bike all day.
  13. Camp shoes — Not sure my toe’d sandals are sufficient; still considering my options.
  14. Socks — I guess its going to be cold.
  15. Underwear — 5 pair, I guess.
  16. T-shirts — 5.
  17. Sweater.
  18. Shorts and pants — one of each.
  19. Regular Sunglasses.
  20. Toiletry Bag — toothpaste, toothbrusth, face wash, lotion, deodorant.
  21. Preride Ziplock — sunscreen, vaseline (sorry, butt-butter is way too expensive), salt pills, anti-fatigue pills (skeptical about these).
  22. Camp Ziplock — toilet paper, nose strips, nasal spray, “personal” lubricant and related items.
  23. iPhone, headphones, and charger.
  24. Water bottle.
  25. Camp Cap — got a very expensive folding one from REI.
  26. Jacket — But which one? Will my bike jacket do?
  27. Camp Pillow — looks so insubstantial when you unpack it, but gets comfy once it puffs up.
  28. Pharmaceuticals — ibuprophen, prilosec, temazepam, allergy pills.
  29. Flashlight.
Still Need to Get:
  1. Camp Sheet — some will increase the warmth rating of your bag by 20 deg, but cost as much as my bag.
  2. Warm Gloves.
  3. Toilet Wipes.
  4. Dryer Sheets — to keep dirty clothes from stinking.
Deciding if I Should Bring:
  1. Novel.
  2. Camp Cup — thinking I’m not going to want to wash it.
  3. Camera — too heavy and wouldn’t want to damage it.
  4. iPad — would be cool to take some panoramas, but guessing no, won’t have enough charging power.
  5. Playing Cards.
  6. Teddy Bear.


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