Sacramento, a Bike-friendly City

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One of the best things about Sacramento is that bike riding here is easy and relatively safe. First, there is the 32+ mile American River Bike Trail (apparently also known as the Jedediah Smith Trail *snicker*) which connects to other trails and connects Davis to Folsom, through Sacramento:

Another reason is that the city is flat, and so easy for just about any level of bicyclist to access on two, unpowered wheels. Of course that means that the bike trail is largely flat, too, but the Folsom ends takes you right to the foothills of Placer County and the beginning of some great, well paved, but sparsely traveled hills to let loose on. In fact a ride to Auburn is easy from Folsom.

A bit of Placer County

Finally, there is May is Bike Month. I’m not entirely sure what group organized this event or administers it, but so far in May Sacramento area bike riders have logged over 800,000 miles riding their bikes:


2012 Total Miles: 878,204
Total Registered Cyclists: 8,354
Total Miles Pledged: 1,559,271

So get out of your car, and get on the road!

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