Ride Yourself Some Civil Rights

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There seems to be so much to be afraid of in the world. Right now, religious bigots are pitching fierce battles all over the world — at home and abroad — to destroy the civil rights of gay, lesbian, and transgendered persons. At times we can feel so powerless.

Showing the paltry showing of US states supporting our relationships

But when I ride I feel powerful. When I realize that I’ve collected nearly $5,000 in donations from gay people and our supporters, I realize we are powerful and wonderful. When I get on my bike for a training ride and see the powerful faces of my brothers and sister riding next to me for miles on a beautiful Sunday morning, I realize we are going to prevail.

In the end, it is inevitable. The religious right is wrong and civil rights are far more important than religious ideology.

Its like cleaning your house after a year. At first, you cannot see the dirt. But as you start to clean, the dust and mildew rise from the cracks, seeming to scream to be left alone. The more you scrub and scrap the more they are in the air and on your clothes, trying to drag you down. But once you’ve opened the windows and the doors, washed the linens and vacuumed the floor, you realize that they are, in fact, going away.

That is the case with the religious right. When we were in our place, not demanding equal rights, they were content with late-night raids and generalized fear tactics to keep us down. Now that we’ve clawed our way out of the closet, they are the ones who are afraid. Let them fear, because we won’t go back in the closet ever. And that retrogressive political agenda which seeks to shove us back inside cannot prevail.

When you’re out on the road, wear your colors proudly and let everyone know you’re gay, transgendered, or our fierce supporter. This ride is not just about the disease, its about our right to be who we are. We love you.


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