Day 4

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No man’s land? I don’t know anything about anything south of Paso Robles or North of like Northridge. It looks beautiful, though. The first part is riding toward the coast and the the bulk of it is riding along the coast on or near Highway 1…possibly the most beautiful roadway anywhere! The ride goes through San Luis Obispo which I’ve always thought would be a cool place to live…but only because I think it must be cool being so isolated from the major metro areas. Nothing in the Wikipedia entry demonstrates a serious funkiness factor, but seems to describe it as generally staid. It does have a “bicycle boulevard” which is seriously cool:

Given my general ignorance of the region, I don’t have a lot to say about this portion of the route.

So to spice up this post, here are two pics from the Wine Country Century I did last Saturday:

Scott mid-way through his 200K ride (125 miles)

Jon 70 miles into his 100 mile ride

Paso Robles to Santa Maria
The route on Day 4 has a little bit of everything…a feast for the eyes with stunning vistas and ocean views that give way to sprawling fields of farmland and even some quaint seaside towns. The route will wind along some remote and seldom-traveled roads as well as some congested town streets. Before lunch, you will conquer the infamous Evil Twins. The views from the top of that second sister hill are nothing short of spectacular and you may even find yourself forgetting that you are pedaling uphill. From there, you will ride back out to the coast and through the city of Pismo Beach (Do I smell Cinnamon Rolls?) and on into camp. Highlight of the day: Half Way to LA!! At the top of the second sister hill, you will come upon a vista point turnout where you will have the opportunity to have your picture taken with the Half Way to LA sign! Don’t forget your camera on this day!! (note: but don’t dally too long–you still have a lot of miles to cover!) 

Mid State Fairgrounds
2198 Riverside Ave., Paso Robles, 93447

Preisker Park
2301 Preisker Ln., Santa Maria, 93458


97.7 Miles



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