Safety II

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The AIDS Lifecycle just posted a page on safety. Check it out.

You must be aware of your surroundings at all times and alert to all possible risks. In June, you will be riding with hundreds of people in front of you and behind you. You will also be riding alongside motor vehicles. While those vehicles might make you nervous, the sight of all these cyclists will also make drivers nervous and at times, tense.

Given the presence of possibly nervous or inattentive drivers, it is crucial that you stay alert and ride smart, predictably, and deliberately. Be prepared to stop at any moment. Keep in mind that each of your actions will dictate how the Cyclist behind you or the automobile beside you reacts. 

Mental Smarts is not only about handling yourself and your bike in a safe manner and riding defensively. It’s also about how we interact and care of each other’s safety and well being.

Click the link for more.


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