Live to Ride

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Even though I’ve pretty much bailed on riding this (supposedly) rainy weekend (not one drip has fallen since Friday afternoon), I wanted to say one thing up front: I live to ride. Its hard to imagine that this has happened, and I don’t know how it has, but its true.

All the other stuff I do each and every day is merely distraction (and obtaining necessary resources) to fuel my rides. To my friends and family, I truly apologize. Perhaps this short instructional film will assist you in understanding my condition:

Riding is like flying without leaving the ground. Every ride is an amazing adventure. Your whole body working toward one goal: the next revolution of the wheels. The destination is irrelevant, its the ride that matters.

Cars, motorcycles, planes…how could any of them compare to the self-propulsion you feel on a bike? Gliding around a gentle curve; powering through a flat; racing downhill at 40 mph. Or best of all, the feeling of triumph and satisfaction when you’ve reached the top of a long, slow ascent.

Have a bike? Get on it! Don’t have one? GET ONE!


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