2011 Route: Day One

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I’ve just been looking at the 2011 route. The first day alone is a ride from San Francisco to Santa Cruz! That’s 83 miles from the City! An impressive ride, and one I’d like to try to do sometime before the ride. Who wants to pic me up in Santa Cruz?

Click Image for ALC 2011 Day One Page

What seems to be remarkable is that part of the ride is on the freeway: highway 280 from Skyline Boulevard to Hillcrest. I told Davey about that, and he said, sure, I’ve seen cyclists on that stretch all the time; there’s no other way to get around Devil’s Slide. But that’s not right, because Devil’s Slides on the ocean side. So, for now, its a mystery why the ride goes for about a mile on the freeway!

About thereafter, the route moves coastal, and hugs the shore. It passes San Gregorio Beach. I wonder if there will be time to frolic naked on the shore? Because that is one beautiful stretch of coast line there.

Even if not, the ride ends right in the middle of Santa Cruz, so there should be lots of frolicking there! That is, of course, if the route is the same this year! Then the adventure begins, because we’ll be leaving my home, the Bay Area!


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