Today’s Ride

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Went on a 50 mile ride to Beals Point and back…my standard ride. I meant to take a picture of the mistletoe which adorns the trees in several areas, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

It was cold (about 62° F when I left and about 55° F when I returned) and clear, but very windy. The trail was strewn with leave and branches which crunched under my tires sometimes pleasantly, sometimes disturbingly. There were not many other riders out — maybe there was too much cross- and head-winds for most riders.

But my time was on-par with my average times. I did the 52 miles in just about 3 hours, with an average speed of 16.5 mph (max 33 mph).

I’m planning on riding 30 milers on Sunday and Monday, for a total weekend ride of 110 miles. I hope I can make the time to do so.


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